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August 12, 2013
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September 9, 2013

So as some of you know Matt and I recently converted our basement into a playroom. Complete with sex swing, stripper pole, massage table and a 10 foot bed. Some of the amenities we provide are a mini fridge stocked with water, small towels to wipe yourself down, and warm, wet towels should you need some extra cleaning!

We hosted a small party to celebrate Matt’s birthday as well as a “playroom warming” last week. Man are we excited to have a playroom now! I would call that night a success. Everyone had fun and that is the most important thing! Matt got online just a couple days later to plan our next party!

There were some great things and a few things we will change for future parties. First off, invitations! Send them out ASAP. We waited a bit too long and there were a lot of people who couldn’t come because they made previous plans.

The second thing and this is a tricky one, food. We started off the night with light appetizers and drinks. But still as usual, not much was consumed. I always over buy, but for a Lifestyle party where play is going to happen, most people just don’t eat. Skip the cheese and crackers, maybe just some fruit and veggies. Nothing with onion and garlic (I did think of this before hand, whew!)

So we sat in the living room, just really cozy and relaxed chatting and getting to know each other. Everyone knew us, but the other couples hadn’t met each other. We were delayed in going to the playroom because one couple was pretty late. Though they were kind enough to keep us posted. I think next time we may just get to playing and open the door when they get there. I did feel like some of our guests were getting antsy to go play but Matt and I felt like we should wait on this couple to be polite. But once they got there we let them sit for about 30 then we were on our way downstairs!

So when we finally went downstairs a few of us ladies played on the pole. I teach pole dancing and one of our guests takes lessons too. So we were showing off our moves to the other ladies. After a little of that the party really got started!

Everything was used in the room. We do have a list of things we would like to improve upon (baskets for the condoms and lube, a garbage can in a better spot so people don’t mix it up with the laundry basket) but our guests really seemed to enjoy themselves. The massage table was even used quite a bit!

The only thing, regarding food, I would change is to maybe have fewer appetizers before the party and maybe some breakfast type snacks for after play. Everyone was starving at 3am when we were wrapping it up. Might be fun to have a waffle bar!

So that was our first party, can’t wait till the next one! So what have your experiences with hosting parties been like. Any do’s or don’t you would recommend? What do you recommend?

Also, watch out for our video blog on the playroom. Coming soon!

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Matt and Bianca are avid swingers, writers, video bloggers, podcasters, world travelers and all around sexy.
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Matt & Bianca
Matt and Bianca are avid swingers, writers, video bloggers, podcasters, world travelers and all around

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