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On resolutions

Ahh, yes another new year. The time of year that desk calendars are coffee-spill free and everyone thinks they will have an amazing life in the next 365 days. 

Some people make resolutions for the new year, some think that idea is crap. I tend to lean toward the latter. Then I woke up on December 31, 2013 feeling a full on hangover. I couldn't remember large spans of time from the previous nights' events. I even ran to my living room to see if my purse was there. (It was, thanks to The Hubs) 

Later through various stories and rereading text messages the pieces back together. It went something like this:

Went out with my girl friends to what I thought was dinner and an event. Turned out to be appetizers, drinks and event with drinks. Afterward I joined The Hubs and some guy friends at a bar for drinks. 
This is where the night fell off the tracks. 

Being as drunk as I was I apparently felt it necessary to start groping The Friend. Openly. Great idea, huh? And hugging strangers. I'm pretty sure I told my BFF's husband that The BFF is turning lame. I hung on The Friend pointing at him and saying something about "this guy... this guy..." And who knows what else I just haven't heard about yet. 

I couldn't help but feel like crap, both physically and emotionally. And I kept thinking how embarrassed I was for the clearly obnoxious drunk asshole I was. Embarrassed for how I must have embarrassed The Hubs and embarrassed for how I had thrown myself at (and on) The Friend. (while in front of others no less)


So I think 2014 needs to be a year of "Less" for me. Not less fun or less naughtiness necessarily but less excess. Less black-hole memories. Less throwing myself at non-swinger men. Less fucking up. Just, less stupid. I don't think of it as a resolution, more like a theme to keep in mind.

So here's to 2014. More fun, less stupid. 

Happy New Year!

The Wife

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