How do you keep in sexy swinger shape?

Matt and I just realized today we have less than a month till we are pool side in Vegas! So we decided that now is the time to tone up for summer fun. I get really bored with traditional workouts so I have to mix it up. I teach pole dancing and take classes, so I consider that my toning. I am at the dance studio no less than 8 hours a week, sometimes more. To keep up on cardio, lately I have been rocking the elliptical for a few hours a week. Today I was thinking about stepping up the cardio just to be sure I am in tip-top shape for Vegas! The hardest part about working out is finding that time. It is so hard to get it in when my schedule is already so jam packed. I find if I schedule it into my day and stick to a schedule I do better! 

A few months ago I was drinking green smoothies and though they look kind of nasty I think they taste really good. Not sure why I stopped drinking them, but I am back to drinking at least one a day again. I like that you get tons of veggies, fruit vitamins and minerals in one "meal". 

I also try to drink about 96oz of water a day. That sounds like a lot but it is really easy for me to do when I drink out of my 24oz water bottle. I just fill it up 4 times a day and I am done! Usually when I drink that much water I crave it even more and sometimes drink even more! Water is really good for your skin as well as flushing garbage and toxins out of your system. Something I learned recently was to put frozen strawberries in my water. It flavors it without any added sugar or calories and it keeps your water cool too! You can use any frozen fruit. I even tried a mix of oranges, limes and lemons. 

How do you keep Swinger Sexy and in shape? What do you do for your body to keep it healthy and sexy? Any tips, hints or recipes are welcome! Summer is here and so are the bikinis! Are you ready?

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