Black Ring, Right Hand - How to find swingers in public

Have you ever been out and about and found yourself staring at an attractive couple wondering if they were in The Lifestyle as well?

Have you wished there was a universal way to tell who's a swinger?

Now there is. A black ring worn on the right hand.

Over the years, we've seen a lot of ideas on coming up with a universal swinger logo or jewelry. From rubber bracelets to shirts with code words on them. Finally, this is something we can truly back. It's easy. It's cheap. It's not blatantly obvious...and it's catching on. What started as a simple conversation thread on Kasidie a few months ago, this idea is spreading like wildfire. The excellent swinger podcast, "Swap Fu" has endorsed it. Many clubs around the world are buying them in bulk and handing them out at parties...and last week, we ran into a couple wearing them.

They are an excellent way to start a conversation, then you never know what may happen.


You can buy your own black rings at The Swinger Store for only $5

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