Vacation with a Swinger today!

There is nothing like traveling with Lifestyle people! Though I look forward to "Vanilla Vacations" I always get way more excited about Swinger Vacations! The clothes for one are so much more fun, right ladies? You can usually sunbathe nude or topless (no tan lines, woohoo!), you stay up really late doing things you would never do on a vanilla vacation. Oh and the sex. Don't worry, I wasn't going to forget the sex! LOTS OF SEX!

All of that aside, one of my favorite experiences about going on a Lifestyle vacation is the people. I've been on Vanilla cruises or vacations and the people you meet don't really become as close to you as they do when you are with swingers. And I don't think it is all about the sex. Sure getting laid is a goal for most when on a lifestyle vacation, but the people are so fun and friendly. I think since they are for the most part friendly and uninhibited, it is easier to strike up a conversation and have a lot to talk about.

Recently, Matt and I were in Vegas and we met some really cool people. Aside from the sex which was so fun, I really loved getting to know these super fun and loving couples. I love watching other couples interact with each other as well with couples they just met, or couples they have known for a while. People-watching in the lifestyle is so fun! 

If you haven't tried a vacation with Swingers, put it on your to-do list. Whether you and a group plan a trip to Hedonism II, or a weekend in Vegas or just go on a cruise and meet all new people. As long as you are open to meeting new people and friendly you will most likely walk away having had a fantastic time, maybe have met some new best friends, or will look forward to meeting up with those people again on the next trip you take. 

What have some of your best trips been within the lifestyle? Do you have any advice for someone going on a Lifestyle trip for the first time?

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