Desire RM Theme Night Changes

Breaking news… Stop Press… Theme Night Changes at Desire RM.

For everyone who is just about to arrive at Desire Riviera Maya, the theme nights have just changed. These changes have not been reflected on their official website yet but we are here at RM right now and we were notified of the change on Monday by the Activities co-ordinator Memo.

We have attached the schedule below

Desire RM Schedule

Monday: Sensual Wild West – Daring Cowgirls & Cowboys

Tuesday: Carnival Erotic Foam Party – Au Natural and Sensual Beach Wear

Wednesday: Retro Neon Party – Bright Tight Neon

Thursday: Sparkling White and Black Celebration

Friday: Desire Costume Ball – Original and Sexy Couples Costumes

Saturday: Lingerie Night – Lingerie and Trendy Black

Sunday: Desire University – Naughty Schoolgirls and Leather and Denim

As you can see some of the themes have changed completely, some of them have just changed the actual night they are on.
Please make sure you pass this information on to any friends you have who may be visiting Desire RM now or in the very near future.

We are not sure if anything has changed at Pearl at this stage, but we are heading over there on Friday and will advise accordingly.

We will be writing a full trip report from our time here at RM and at Pearl when we return home mid March so look out for that.

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