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Desire Pearl Jacuzzi

We have just returned from Desire Riviera Maya and Pearl, and had a fabulous time at each resort. We were at RM for 6 nights and Pearl for 4, and we will have a report of the trip up on this site very soon.

I just wanted to let you know about some huge special deals coming up at Desire, so if you are about to book, or have been wanting to book, then take a look at these specials first!

For the month of August at both RM and Pearl, it is “Sexy, Young and Wild month”, where threesomes and single females are allowed!

At RM they are having a deal where the month of August is 15% off and you receive a sensual massage for 2 for free! Click HERE for more details.

At Pearl they are having a “4th Night Free” promo for travel at any time from now until December 25th 2014. Click HERE for more details.

Both of these must be booked by April 1st, so you need to act fast so you don’t miss out on these savings.

If you are not fussed as to which Desire resort you stay at for the month of August, then try this offer: Book on April 1st or 2nd only, and you will pay only $380 per night for a room! The conditions are that you will also be randomly assigned a room category and it could be at either resort! Interesting concept, so if you don’t mind where you stay, or what room, then click HERE to see this particular offer.

There is also 1 final offer available for those who like to stay at Temptation Cancun. Take a look at this offer: Get 40% off your room rate when you travel between July 1st to August 16th 2014. Click HERE for more details.

So if you are planning a Mexico trip sometime this year, then definitely see these specials first before you book.

And keep an eye out for our recent trip report, coming very soon!



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