Get as Hard as Chinese Algebra!

Now this post topic may sound familiar, but we wanted to raise the issue (no pun intended!) again with you after listening to Swing with Holli & Michael on Playboy Radio this morning (listen to it. 30 Days FREE HERE – Episode 328). They were talking about men using performance enhancing supplements to help keep an erection, similar to Viagra.

The discussion turned to how some women in the lifestyle can take offence at guys using such enhancing supplements to help them to gain and maintain an erection, particularly if they don’t tell you about it. Michael made the comment that these supplements are designed to “enhance our ability, not to increase our desire”. Very true.

Ellie (like Holli) has no problems with guys who want to use something like that because if it helps the guy stay harder & last longer to help please her then why would she have any issues?

-Ellie interjecting here, off topic but I can’t stand when guys say ‘I don’t need to take that shit, I’m a stallion blah blah’ only to fail dismally under extenuating circumstances. If you don’t want to take them, fine, but don’t try and shame others who do and I’ve found are better lovers-

As for me (Al), if I am required to perform at some very late hour of the night (early morning), or when I am getting a bit tired after a week at Desire partying or on a Lifestyle cruise (heck my body is still on a completely different time zone!), plus the slightly reduced feeling due to wearing a condom, I want to confidently know that I can still perform and please!

I have a degree in physiology so I know my way around the body

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