Memories of Desire Los Cabos – Exclusive Pics Attached

Desire Los Cabos used to be our favourite Lifestyle resort and the one place we would think of when we were planning a vacation out of Australia. We made so many great friends during our visits there and we have created many wonderful memories. We met some of our closet friends at this resort, so it is a place that is close to our hearts.

As you will have heard, Desire Los Cabos ceased operating as of June 13, 2013, and was to be replaced by a ‘vanilla’ resort. We have been able to source exclusive access to some behind the scenes photos of what Desire Los Cabos now looks like.

** Warning! Some viewers may find these pictures upsetting**

Desire Los Cabos - Restaurant

Restaurant & Swim Up Bar


Desire Los Cabos - Restaurant Above

Restaurant Bird’s Eye View


Desire Los Cabos - Room 1

Room 1


Desire Los Cabos - Room 2

Room 2

We look at these photos and remember standing and dining in these spots. It is very sad for us to see these pictures when we think back to how it used to look.

Don’t let these photos erase the wonderful memories you have and to help you remember, we have found an episode of  “69 Sexy Things To Do Before You Die” which shows Desire Los Cabos in all its glory. It shows everything there, the playroom, restaurants, staff, jacuzzi, passion suites and the pool.

From this episode I have taken some footage, and created a short video for you to see exactly what Desire Los Cabos used to look like, and more importantly, how we (and hopefully some of you) remember it.

The video is heavily censored but you can see the full episode here. (Episode 10)

69 Sexy Things To Do Before You Die.

We also like to read over our old trip reports, and we are glad we were able to document how our trips have panned out. You can read our last trip report to Desire Los Cabos here…

Desire Los Cabos Trip Report


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