Where did The Hidden Swing go?

Podcasts can be a little like ghost towns.  They spring forth and explode with a booming population, bustling with visitors who come to check out what happening in the big city.  But, in time the the sexy mayor and his lovely.. um city manager get distracted and let the town go to ruin.  Before long, the only thing happening on these streets is cobwebs and tumbleweeds.  Pretty soon only the occasional visitor arrives looking at the dusty mess saying, “I wonder what happen to this once great city”.  

It has been a few months since our last podcast. The blubrry website that hosted our files has been expired for a few days now and likely, it would be impossible to download an episode if someone wanted to.  The website, which I had FINALLY gotten to the point where I want it, is down.  So, I thought I would take a moment to write what has happened to the “best little playground”.

It was not any one single event that strangled the life our of our little baby podcast and I think I would like to start off by saying that getting a dedicated listenership to a podcast is no easy feat.  So, we are very thankful for every person that took the time to download us each month and listen to our little adventures.  We are thankful for those that would write us and interact with our lives.  We are thankful also to the other podcasters that are our friends and helped to boost our listening audience.

Last year Jim was finally able to secure a new job after searching for a very long time.  It was a job that was supposed to be more relaxed and while it did not pay well, it would allow for some peace of mind.  Well, it turned out to be a grass is greener situation and was not a good decision at all.  The work was more stressful than ever and the pay did not allow us to pay for our basic needs, let alone give us expendable money to pay for adventures.  So, paying the expenses of a podcast seemed a little silly.

The winter came and it always a struggle for Jen and I.  I am sure that many can relate to the seasonal fog that comes with less sun and this was a particularly icy winter for Oklahoma.  It seemed that when we did have some cash to go have some fun, it was just too cold to get out.  If you listened to the last couple of our podcasts, you can probably hear some of that in our voices especially when it kept us from living out our orgy fantasy, twice!  I’m being a little silly, but in all reality the winter time for us is tough and this one was more so.

On top of all that, Jen started school again.  Working on her degree in psychology has been a goal of hers for the past few years and it was very important for her to focus time on this and do well in classes.  Preparing for podcasts and recording them doesnt take a lot of time but it does take time.  When she wasnt studying, she just wanted the down time to spend with her family and pets.

But the spring brought a new job for Jim and Jen has started getting a handle on her classes.  We have started getting out to some events and we even FINALLY made that orgy.  We’ll be recording that adventure the night after I write this blog, and it should be released soon.  The new job is getting the bills paid and more.  Life is well.

So what is the future of The Hidden Swing?  Our plan is to get the website back up in a month or so.  We are going back to our once per month episodes like we did in the beginning and you will be able to find it on the first of each month.  We had tried to break out into doing interviews but that task was costly and daunting so minus the occasional live interview, when the opportunity presents itself, we wont be doing those.  We love the podcasts that are able to do them, but its not us.  To summarize, we’re going back to simplicity.  Episodes we hope will entertain you with our adventures with a little topic at the end to share our point of view about the lifestyle.

Thats it.  Thanks for catching up with us and we hope to be back with you in May or June.  #hugs

Jim and Jen

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