Episode 20 – Part 1 – Corkscrew and Pre Cruise

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In this first of two episodes we discuss the pre cruise of 2014.

We booked our cruise through Couples Cruise and our hotel with Hyatt Regency Pier 66.  I highly recommend BOTH if you choose to take a lifestyle cruise in the future.  One of the advantages of booking with Couples Cruise is that you can pay off the cruise in a few easy payments.  They’ll also set up meet and greets where you can meet other folks that also booked through them.

Loved hooking up with them and B&J at Swingerbees.  If you’ve never hung out with Jay, it is a total experience.  The dude has NO filter and that turns into many funny moments.  The Average Swingers podcast has gone through some issues lately but SHOULD be back on track starting this month.  If you have trouble with the old feed then please go back out to iTunes and resubscribe.

We were really caught off guard by Indiana.  They were so friendly and flirty that we thought it was going to be a situation that ended in playing.  In fact, we probably put more effort into that than what we should have.  I, Jim, was the one that noticed first that they were not as interested as we first thought.  Jen is, at time, a bull dog and when she is ready to play then she just thinks that it is going to happen.. regardless.  So, eventually I had to break the bad news to her.

Oh Canada, or Orlando Bloom <sp> was a surprise.  That couples was so sweet and nice and incredibly sexy.  It always throws us off when someone that young and sexy shows interest in us.  Not that we are old, we are in our middle age.  But it is just a nice surprise.  The man of the couple was so friendly and Jen thought he was so sexy.  The wife was HOT.. JUST fucking HOT.  Once we broke her shyness, she was so friendly and sexy.  DAMN.. That was a great night.


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