Toy Review – Rabbit Lover Wand Tip Attachment

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A while ago we became acquainted with the folks at Our Little Secret.  The couple had followed us on Twitter and we spoke back and forth about how we might could help each other a little.  Jen and I had been really working at how to make money at podcasting, but we were starting to lean towards a model of using our blog and podcast to help good people with businesses that were somewhat associated with the lifestyle or sex.  So, it was really good timing that they connected with us at that time.  After a few conversations, I could really tell that these were GOOD people.

So Jen and I developed a contest to see which of our listeners, readers, could suggest the sex toy that Jen would like me to buy her.  The winner would get a Hidden Swing t-shirt.  After a TON of great suggestions, Jennifer picked a toy suggested by our friends at Ready Set Go Swinging and the toy was the Rabbit Lover Wand Tip Attachment.  We had previously purchased a Hitachi Magic Wand and so it was a great choice.

rabbit_attachSince buying the Hitachi Magic Wand, Jen had been very hesitant on me using it on her.  Simply put, it was too powerful for her.  She isnt overly sensitive but the Hitachi is VERY strong.  The only way that I was able to use it on her was by actually placing it about an inch from her pussy and clit and working my way in.  If I actually touched her clit then it was too much and she would climb the walls.

The Rabbit Lover Wand Attachment was perfect because the extra material would deaden the sensation just a bit.  I placed the attachment on the wand and at first I just used the rabbit ears to go over her clit and see if it was too strong.  She moaned and if I moved it in too close she would pull away.  Then I took the penis part of the attachment and rubbed it into her vagina.  She seemed to like that a lot.  I did both of these over and over for about 15 minutes.

After a while I asked her if she wanted to get the lube so that I could insert it inside of her.  She lubed it up and I proceeded to move it in.  The first thing that I noticed was that the ears of the rabbit would rub both sides of her clit.  She really seemed to like that.  I handed her the wand and suggested that she explore it herself.  Meanwhile, I gently brushed her thighs and held her legs open for her.  Between the ears of the rabbit and the vibrations of the Hitachi, she came over and over.

Now, I had spent the night getting extremely drunk.  I had no intention of us having sex and I had explained that before we ever started.  But after watching Jen get off so many times with that attachment, I was so turned on and harder than a rock.  Ya.. we had sex..

If you own the Hitachi Magic Wand and believe that the sensation is too strong at times then I very much suggest getting the Rabbit Attachment.  This item is really not that expensive and it takes all the sensation of the wand and concentrates it into a great feeling that isnt over powering.  So many women have said that its just too strong, but with the attachment it is perfect.


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