The Hidden Swing Podcast Technical Difficulties

Several have asked when our next episode will be out.  So, I thought it would be easier to explain what is happening through a post rather than the 140+ characters I get with Twitter.  :)

Back in late November we returned from our cruise with Strep.  We basically felt sick off and on until early January.  Fortunately we also had some amazing experiences that we really want to talk about, but the down times in between made that difficult.

Then my work laptop, which is where the podcast is edited each month, started having issues.  They gave me a new laptop, and it had even MORE issues.  To this day, I still dont have a working WORK laptop..  So, being a techie I pulled out a laptop that I had bought in early 2000 and started loading Linux onto it.  But knowing nothing about Linux, its been tough for me to get all the drivers and programs installed to make editing happen.

My phone also fell apart.  I think in January.  I use the iPhone to try to keep up with posts, tweets, Facebook message, and all the social media stuffs.  I did a restore, and now.. I never know when I have new messages to reply to.  Very frustrating.

So, suffice to say, sometimes life happens and its happening for us right now.  We’ve not quit our podcast, but we might not get an episode out until March 1st while I get technical stuff sorted out.

Thanks for sticking with us and all the twitter posts!


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