Episode 23 – Single Women and Flirtation in the Lifestyle


In this episode we start off by talking about three new podcasts that we learned about and started listening to.  We had mentioned We Gotta Thing last month, which is a podcast I am really enjoying.  But this month I ran across two more.

The first was Swinger Diaries.  Swinger Diaries does a really great job at taking the first time swingers through the step by steps on first becoming swingers.  They describe the lingo, they talk about all the initial conversations a couple should talk about before jumping in the pool, and then they will tell one of their deep dark diary entries to demonstrate exactly what they are talking about.  Check them out!

We also talk about Saphhic Swingers, a lesbian couple from Florida who have had great success playing in the lifestyle.  This was a unique find in that you rarely hear about lesbian couples in the lifestyle.  I am really looking forward to future episodes from these two.

Then we dive deep into our experiences with single ladies.  We have had two experiences so far, and neither have ended up very well.  Success as defined as it strengthening the friendship, not necessarily sex.  We’re still hopeful for our second experience but the first has fallen off the face of the earth.

Our topic this week is “flirting in the lifestyle”.  I was inspired by a female friend that posted a vague Facebook post requesting a male come spank her and have sex.  I started wondering if she was seriously looking for a male partner for the day, or if she was just being flirty.  Apparently many of her male friends felt the same way, as many of us made remarks about how sexy she was but it seemed like we were all waiting on her to make the move and invite us over. I have seen this before in swinger forums.  Someone make a vague comment but no action.  It makes me wonder if its because no one is ever blunt and asks the person if they are serious and interested, or if the OP (original poster) is just fishing for compliments and being flirty.

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