Neighbors with Benefits – Part 1 - The Hidden Swing

file000753747585In this four part series, Neighbors with Benefits, I’ll be discussing not only the March 2015 series on A&E titled “Neighbors with Benefits” but also explore the real life couples that are experiencing the lifestyle phenomenon, the history of non-monogamous relationships, and how you can safety dip your toes in the water without fear.

Couples all across America are looking deeper into their relationships and challenging the norms of society and pushing their boundaries.  We see the results of this revolution when we step into any swinger club and find all their wonderful new faces.  But the lifestyle of friends with benefits isn’t a recent creation and even in the youth of American history dates back to very early 1900’s.  So why the recent surge of new couples?

A&E – Neighbors With Benefits

On March 22, 2015, the A&E network debuts it’s series called Neighbors with Benefits.  Suburban Ohio couples who are living the lifestyle of open relationships.  The series will follow multiple couples at multiple stages of being in the lifestyle from couples who have several years under their belts to couples that are just now discussing the idea of getting into the lifestyle.

This isn’t really the first show of its kind.  It is not the first time that television has brought us a glimpse into swinging couples, networks like Playboy TV have been doing so for years with their show Swing.  Discovery Life brought us Secret Sex Lives: Swingers which also followed multiple couples through ups and mostly downs of being in the lifestyle.  There have even been fictional portrayals such as the series Swingtown.  What makes this a little different is that it is on a network that is accessible to those that are a little more vanilla.

What will be interesting to see is how tempted A&E will be to throw its “cast” and viewers into the mud, showing the negatives of the swinging lifestyle.  Sure, those of us in the lifestyle do come across times in our lives that are difficult but that is liable to happen whether you are in the lifestyle or not.  Fact is, the lifestyle only amplifies whatever your current relationship situation is. If your relationship is full of drama, then it will likely be more so.  Likewise, if your relationship is full of happiness then it will become fuller and more rich.

In the next part, I’ll discuss the history of swinging.  Look for that in my March 9, 2015 blog.

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