Episode 24 – A New Bluefish and “Neighbors with Benefits” from A&E - The Hidden Swing

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In episode 24 we talk in great detail about a new bluefish that we met.  A bluefish is a single male that is in the lifestyle.  Jen and I have played with a good number of single guys but this one in particular was a lot of fun.  As the married man, I felt very at ease with him and Jennifer found him very attractive.  So, the chemistry was just perfect.

In this episode we also talk about the new reality series titled, “Neighbors with Benefits”.  The general consensus seems to be that most swingers thing that it is too scripted but we found that we enjoyed episode #1 quite a bit and the episode #2 a bunch more.  I think that this will be a great series to bring swinging into open discussion and potentially bring more swingers into the mainstream.

I’m not one that thinks that swinging is for everyone, and I don’t believe that everyone should be in the lifestyle.  However, I do think that the more conversation that is had with vanilla people.. the better life will be for swingers in general.  Once we get past the hump of vanillas not understanding what we are about, then we can enjoy our lifestyle without fear of losing our jobs, our children, and our freedoms.

In Episode 24 we mention:


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