Ohh Sex Dreams

About a month ago Jennifer mentioned an iTunes app called Omvana, which is supposed to help with sleep.  The app plays soft gentle sleep sounds and lulls the mind into forgetting about the screaming boss, the nagging kids, and the orgy you missed out on because the weather just sucks in Oklahoma in the winter… Oh.. I digress.  I began using the app and to be honest it really does do a good job.  Before I started using the app I was waking up quite a bit during the night and the next day I was tired.  Now, I tend to wake less and I feel pretty energized during the day.  I’ve never been one to have difficulty falling asleep, but staying asleep isn’t easy.

A few days ago, Omvana suggested another app called Dormino which I can only assume means sleep in Italian.  I wasn’t interested in that, but what did perk my interest is that it claims to aid in lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is a state of sleep where your dreams are particularly vivid.  Many times when we are in this state we really feel like our dreams are reality.  A good lucid dreamer knows how to spot cues that they are in fact dreaming instead of in an awake state.  I studied lucid dreaming almost a decade ago when I first began to study alternate religions for a university class.  To this day, it is something that fascinates me.

Stephen LaBerge, of The Lucidity Institue, says that there are many reasons that people using lucid dreaming, but one of those reason is to experience fantasy (such as sex) while in a dream state.  You can read about that here.  Basically, a lucid dreamer would realize that they are dreaming and at that point they are able to control what they do in their dreams.  Some people decide to fly.  There is a strong urge for humans to want to fly in their dreams.  The idea of soaring through the clouds.  But others are more interested in something primal.  They will use their dreaming skills to initial sexual situations that they cannot find or want to experience more of in their lives.

I started thinking about how as a teen, sex dreams were very common but as I grew older they were more rare.  Now, as a swinger I get to live out many of my dreams.  So, the speculation isn’t a regret that I no longer dream in this way.  But I do wonder if it is common for adults.  I have always been a dreamer and most of the time I can remember those dreams.  But these days it seems that my dreams are whimsical pieces of reality rather than something for pleasure.  As an aside, I have had terrifically awesome dreams where I have solved work problems and even written complete songs while dreaming.

There must be a reason, and I am sorry to say that I decided to drop this blog entry on you before researching what that reason is.  So, perhaps there will be a part 2 of “Ohh Sex Dreams”.  But for now, I would love to hear about the experiences of others and their dreams.  What do you dream about?  What changes have you noticed in your dreams?

In the words of Stephen Tyler DREAM ON!



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