SLS sucks, how can I delete my profile?

I want to delete my sls account. I had a terrible encounter there & I've found more couples that are closer to my age & live near me on Quiver. I couldn't see any pictures of this couple on sls so I suggest kik & they refused insisting on texting. My curiosity got the better of me & I texted them but they demanded a picture of me when I didn't know what they looked like & I took the leap of faith by texting them from my personal number. I called them out on being rude & they tell me they've been played before & send me a picture looking nothing like their profile picture. At this point I am angry & offended so I don't reply. They text me 3 more times after that insisting I send them pictures of myself. I don't reply so then they accuse me of being a dude fishing for photos. I finally reply & explain I simply didn't reply because of how they spoke to me. Their reply? "Well you still didn't send a photo so you're childish." I told them to believe whatever they want but they keep texting me to delete the photo they sent me which was just w picture of an old couple sitting together. What damage could I possibly do with it? I had leash deleted their texts anyways but they keep texting me to delete their photos & keep saying I'm an uncool dude etc etc etc. I reply one last time to tell them everything has been deleted & I'm blocking their number. They tell me they're going to report me to sls as a male with a female profile. The couple that didn't match their photos or age in their profile is going to report me? HA. I'm so done with sls but I keep trying to delete my account & an error message shows up. Has anyone been able to delete their profile on that site?

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