Falling in love with my partner

Hello wonderful people!

I am finally in a relationship with someone I have been seeing for a few months. I am 25f and he is 45m. This partnership is easily the most trusting, caring, and loving relationship I have ever experienced. In bed, he is on one complete side of being a Dom and I am way on the other of being a sub. It is incredible. We play with DD/lg, D/s, etc.

We play 24/7 roles of him being Daddy and he will call me baby, princess, what have you. Publicly and privately, we acknowledge our relationship as "boyfriend and girlfriend." He opens almost every door for me, cooks for me, brings me snacks and water when I am studying (I am getting my Master's degree), treats me to wonderful nights out in the city, and is overall unbelievable.

Before making our relationship official, we went to a Swingers club and had a blast. Because of our age difference, we were both hesitant about a committed relationship, but our hearts were telling us something completely different than what our brains were. We made our relationship official, and agreed that we were okay with seeing other people (I ask for permission first). I have played here and there and I am sure he has as well (we don't talk about it, and that is fine). Recently, I have not been wanting to play with others while not with him. We have told each other of our feelings for each other and how immense they are. I do believe his feelings for me are the same, but his thoughts about the open relationship will not change (also totally fine).

I am 100% falling in love with this man, and it honestly scares the crap out of me. Has anyone been in a similar situation of falling in love with a partner that really doesn't make sense for you to spend your life with, but in all actuality it is all you want to do?

TL;DR: I (25f) am in an open relationship with my (45m) boyfriend. Our feelings for each other were too immense to not be in a relationship despite us knowing that our ages are widespread and goals in life aren't the same right now. A while into the relationship now we are falling in love with each other (me especially) and I am freaking out!

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