Dallas Ft Worth Club for older soft body folks

Hello, We are 42f and a 51m that are new to the lifestyle, go figure, and looking for some laid back fun. I have been in and out, pun intended, of the lifestyle but left it 20 years ago (even then I was only in the fringe as a single guy). We are into light bd and just stuff like karaoke and having fun with open minded like couples. When I was in the lifestyle years, okay, decades ago there was a fairly cool club in Dallas, Spankees, that I would go to with friends now and then. Now I have a few more pounds...more than a few...and my wife and I are looking to get out and about. We are looking for an off premises fun bar. Any suggestions? I have been prowling the internet and found little. I did have a friend that usd to go to a few but those are either closed or more for the hard body 20/30 something set it seems. We are soft bodies and not up for the flashy hard body scene...not that those things are bad at all...just not our scene. I always hate seeing people talk about older ugly people coming to their clubs so this is to avoid such incidents...although we are fantastic looking, lol. Thanks.

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