Wife wants to swing, husband doesn't

I'm a 27-year-old female married to a 27-year-old male. We have been married six years but together 11. We got married young. We're from the Bible Belt so I thought it was very normal to be married at 21. Now that I'm older I realize that is not the case. Ww are somewhat happy but like any couple we have challenges. One of themain challenges is that I am not happy being monogamous. We have only slept with each other and the thought of living my life only sleeping with one man until I die is terrible to me. When I was younger and we got married I thought life was mostly black and white and that I was doing what would make me happy. Now I realize life is mostly gray area with only small amounts of black-and-white.he definitely does not agree with me and even though I've been making my feelings known to him for about 3 years now he is absolutely against exploring swinging at all. While I would never cheat on him because I do love him and he does not deserve that I still feel like I have sexual needs are not being met and he is comfortable with that. I don't know if I am being selfish or if he is. Overall we have a good sex life we do kinky things somewhat regularly including toys, light BDSMetc. but I really want to broaden my sexual horizons and just explore my sexuality. He does not understand at all and takes that as a personal insult. I really think it's insecurity on his part that's keeping him from this opportunity rather then him feeling like it's wrong for him.he is pretty insecure about the way he looks and the person that he is probably because of his age but I'm really not and it's hard for me to wait for him to kind of grow up and be comfortable with himself. What advice can you give me? What should I do?

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