Bi-phobia in the lifestyle

The wife and I have been swinging for about a year but only with friends and never through websites or clubs (yet). My big concern is that both of us identify as bi. Obviously this is not a problem for my wife but I keep hearing that there is a lot of bi-phobia for men in the lifestyle community.

I'm completely cool with having MFM threesomes with my wife with straight guys and never putting any kind of pressure on them but I'm wondering what the etiquette is for bi-men in clubs. Obviously I'd always get permission first but if the other man is into it should it only happen in private rooms or can it happen in more public spaces? Or is it so taboo that I should just leave that part me at the door? Also how is the best way to ask as to avoid conflict?

I live in Vancouer BC which is incredibly welcoming to the LGBT and kink communities so this may be less of an issue here than other places but I would like to hear some advice from people more seasoned than myself.

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