Wife and I hooked up with my ex-girlfriend and her husband... Now I'm in the dog house.

tl;dr at bottom, you're welcome.

We were invited to a NYE party where we showed up on the late end of things. There was a decent amount to people there and some were swingers while others were just there to be in a 'free atmosphere'; meaning you didn't really know who was a swinger and who was just there to get drunk and party.

My wife and I saw some friends and we both split up for a bit. Roughly an hour or so later I saw my ex. She obviously had had a few. She came over to me, started talking, flirting, touching, etc... It was a bit odd. I had broken up with her as she was batshit crazy. She was very open about still having feelings for me. It was odd but hot having all the flashbacks at our insanely great sex life.

After a little while I excused myself to go find my wife. When I found her, she was surrounded by a few guys and all having a good time. She was being particularly friendly with one of the guys to the point where she started to 'pet' him on occasion - you know, the flirty 'oh stop' fingernails tracing down his chest. I knew what was up and apparently he did too. He made some gesture to her and a few moments later he was leading her and I away from the other guys. We were now a train of three on a mission but I had no idea for what. I was still thinking he was possibly a SM.

We turned a corner and found ourselves in a weird nook of the house. My wife pounced. She was kissing him, grabbing his cock, running her hands all over him. I was just standing there like the odd man out but it was so damn hot! I love seeing my normally subdued wife like this! He stops the action, takes out his phone and my wife jumped over to me. He gets off his phone, introduces himself to me, and says, "my wife is working her way here now". We all just stand there for moment when suddenly I see his wife, yup, my ex. Now, my wife knows of her but they had never met. I had a few pictures of us together but after we broke up she (ex) went on this weird trans-formative "soul searching journey". Basically she met with some predatory shamans who encouraged her to have lots of sex and do a lot of peyote and shrooms. So, she was a bit thinner, her hair was more of a sexy bird nest, and her makeup was more natural - she went from uptight lawyer to yuppie hipster. Sexy. I waited to see if my wife recognized her but she didn't. Her name didn't even ring a bell. At this point I knew if I paid any attention to her as my 'ex', things would be off.

We talked very little and next thing we know we're scrambling through the home looking for a place to fuck. So we finally find a room - kids bedroom, teenager we guess, with a huge "THIS ROOM IS PRIVATE, DO NOT ENTER" sign on the front door with tape over the handle. We continue inside and all of us fuck on the twin bed. Tight squeeze. Might have rubbed him a few times. Doesn't matter, this is crazy good! My ex and I went at like we were still dating again. Didn't wear a condom either which was later noticed by wifey. My wife and him were fucking incredible to watch together! It was so fucking hot! My wife was so worked up that she couldn't contain herself and my ex was fucking me like she was working to get me back. I skipped right over purgatory and went right straight to heaven.

We said our good byes and exchanged numbers.

So, to make this extremely long story short(er): Well, last night my wife figured out who "Anna" really is. She is really, really messed up about it, understandably. After it all happened I kept trying to figure out how to tell her but no scenario in my mind was a 'good solution' so I hadn't told her anything, at least not yet. So, as I am being berated and taking a barrage of justified insults, the question finally comes out, "WHY?", why did I let this go so far? I had never really talked to my wife about my ex, just never seemed like a topic to discuss. Our friends all told her that she was batshit crazy and none of them could understand why I was ever with her. Well, I finally laid it out; she was the BEST(!!!!) fuck I have EVER had. There it was. Fuck.

My wife, understandably so, is a wreck of emotions. I packed my bags for the night and am now 'camping' in our RV. I admitted to fucking up. I admitted to ruining this. I admitted complete fault to the whole thing. So, now I sit and lie in purgatory, aka, "Flying Cloud" (how fitting of a model name), and am afraid to walk back inside our home.

I fucked up. I fucked up big time.

tl:dr Went to a NYE party, saw my ex-gf whom I had dated for almost eight years prior to meeting my wife. Ex was drunk. I tried to ignore her for as long as I could. My wife met her husband and hit it off. Never told wife she was my ex. We all fucked. It was the best swinger experience to date. Wife found out she was batshit crazy ex last night. Blurted out to wife I let it all happen because the ex was the best fuck I have ever had. I'm holed up in our trailer afraid.

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