New to the lifestyle but two encounters in and so far so good! Heres our exp so far-

Admittedly at first was a bit strange adapting, not because of any sexual inhibitions from either of us, the hardest part was dealing with the criticisms from friends etc who knew almost immediately we had started swinging (regrettably a few of them were in the house at the time! Haha).

First time was my suggestion, we had toyed with the idea for a while, mainly only as a fantasy but one night we both were immensely blind drunk and we had a few of my friends drinking at my house at the time so we thought fuck it.

I text one of my friends who I knew would be keen, so I text him "come fuck "xxxx" from behind, shes sucking my cock"

Pretty crazy sort of experience, the only downside was us all being so wasted it nearly got more humorous than sexual!

The 2nd experience (most amazing experience of my life) was a foursome.

One of those nights that happen completely by accident, me and my partner finally had a night together to go out, we thought we might make it and big one and we dropped a few ecstasy. Long story short we ended up at a friend's house party and ran into friend from the threesome, also very high and had been hooking up with this absoulte stunner, lets call her "Mary"... also very high! We all got to talking and of course the conversation got sexual with Mary commenting how she always wanted to be with a another woman... Fast forward an hour we in my house, my wife takes Mary's hand and leads her to our bedroom, she then pops her head around the corner looking back at me and my friend says very seductively "you two coming?"

Intially we watched them undress each other, experimenting etc, a few toys came out, before we all kind of just started going wild. The amazing thing being since we were all so high there was no holding back, my wife was encouraging me to fuck Mary while my friend had her bent over. We spent nearly 2 hours in the bedroom, before we finally stopped. (The girls kept going a for little bit longer after we stepped out for a smoke)

Dont have enough time to go into crazy detail, but feel free to check out our album for photos from the night.

Anyway hope you enjoyed our story, hopefully more to come this weekend!

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