Inside elite swingers club as owner prepares to bare all its sexy secrets

The owner of one of Paris’ famed sex clubs has thrown open its doors, exposing all the business’ sexy secrets.

The owner of one of the world’s most exclusive swingers club is baring all … in an explosive new book.

Outrageous Les Chandelles (The Candles) is a subterranean warren of pleasure hidden beneath the streets of Paris.

The X-rated club is where the rich and famous go to fulfil their sexual fantasies far away from prying eyes as all phones are banned.

Discretion is key as politicians, musicians and the city’s millionaires are all said to visit the club, which is just yards from the iconic Louvre museum.

The club is run by Valérie Hervo – known to all as ‘Madame Valérie’

It is run by Valérie Hervo – known to all as ‘Madame Valérie’ – who until now has kept quiet about what goes on inside the “porno chic temple”.

“It’s a universe of pleasures,” she writes in her new memoir Les Dessous des Chandelles.

“Sex is just the cherry on the cake … I get drunk just on the atmosphere.”

However, it turns out that pleasure doesn’t come cheap as the cost of entry is a stiff £270 ($US 373) per couple.

That price includes dinner and champagne – which are both really just starters to what comes next.

“During these feasts an erotic tension spreads, soft and delicious,” reveals Hervo.

“Tongues loosen little by little, the conversation becomes bolder, the glances more direct, the touching less innocent.”

The fun then moves to the “horizontal salons” – rooms with mattresses where unlimited condoms are supplied free of charge.

These rooms are filled with dark alcoves where couples can strip naked to romp while others join in or just sit back and enjoy the show.

There’s men-on-women and women-on-women, and bodies blur into a writhing, sighing mass.

Downstairs in the basement, toys and chains are attached to the walls for those feeling extra-playful.

The age demographic differs drastically for men and women.

The club’s inconspicuous blue front door just yards from the iconic Louvre museum

Most monsieurs are over 40 with some well into their sixties, while mademoiselles are younger, in their late twenties and thirties.

But it’s definitely not a pick-up joint and singles are not even allowed in the inconspicuous front door.

If you and your partner are lucky enough to find an inviting hand on one of your arms, then you join in the fun.

However, no one forces you to do anything and you can stand and watch all night or just sit at the bar and drink in the view.

“It’s not threesomes,” one regular said. “It’s x-somes. Meaning as many as you want.”

Despite the club‘s laid back attitude to sex, it does have a few strict rules as Mick Jagger reportedly found out.

It’s said the Rolling Stones star was once turned away after rocking up in jeans and trainers.

“That’s an outfit for chopping wood,” Hervo apparently said later.

And she reveals she is not the only woman in charge inside the notorious sex club.

“Les Chandelles is a place where the woman decides, it’s the woman who is in command,“ writes Hervo.

“She should not be a trophy for exhibition or booty to be shared but a goddess to be honoured, adored.

“She should dominate, imposing her desires and whims.”

The club has dozens of regulars and for some it has become a real family affair.

One couple revealed they put a notice on the fridge at home indicating what days they are going to the club just so they don’t bump into their daughter – also a regular.

The hefty cost of entry does include dinner

One day a man arrived with his mistress, telling Hervo that his wife was in bed at home with a temperature.

An hour later the wife arrived with a boyfriend, urging Hervo not to mention her visit the next time she came with her husband.

Hervo quickly went next door to alert the husband, discreetly leading him to flee out of the emergency exit.

Other visitors to the club have given in rave reviews on Yelp.

One called I Love C wrote: “If you are clean, well dressed and attractive you will get in. No phones or cameras allowed downstairs. They do make you check everything in!

“This is the classiest sex club in Paris and maybe even one of the best in the entire world. My partner and I went two nights in a row. Inside the lighting is so elegant and sexy and the decor is beautiful and legit.

“The music/DJ plays very sexy music. There were three different play rooms and two poles … which were very fun to dance on in my flowing dress.

“There was plenty of room to sit and relax, watch or just cuddle up with your special friend……or new friend.”

The club’s website tantalises: “Les Chandelles invite you on a magical journey to sensuality … Uncover the pleasure of your senses.

“At Les Chandelles, discover a world of magic sensations, in a sophisticated erotic boudoir … for the sake of pleasure … in complete freedom …

“Where nowadays, sex and pornography are overexposed, we believe in a magical awareness of all the senses.

“We encourage seduction games and prefer a subtle yet magic eroticism. Night after night, we reinvent the art of seduction and erotic freedom.

“Les Chandelles is a place dedicated to people who enjoy glamour and elegance, to people addicted to fantasy and party, to people who feel free and happy.”

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