Lifestyle ladies are the best!

Ok so one of my pet peeves is drama and women who talk behind your back. Before I ventured into the Lifestyle I had many girlfriends who loved nothing more than to get together and talk about other women. They are mean and catty and it just makes me feel sick. They talk about mutual friends, acquaintances or family members. No one is safe! It makes me so uncomfortable to sit back and listen to these women backstab each other and say such mean things. I have never been comfortable with this kind of behavior

 In High School I was at a party filled with a bunch of us theater nerds and one of our cast members was not there. Now this was a person who admittedly was really annoying (but we all can be a little annoying sometimes!) he was put through the ringer with other cast members playing pranks on him and he took it in stride and laughed it off. Who knows what he did when he went home (I would have cried myself to sleep). So back to the party, we are sitting around being teenagers and then they all start in on him, mercilessly making fun of him. It enraged me. After listening to the dialog for some time I told them to knock it off. This person was not there to defend himself and furthermore, he is a cast member in this show and should be treated better. It wasn’t right.

After four years, you leave high school for the real world and you imagine it will be totally different. Nope. Sometimes it is even worse. You attend anything with other women and you have to sit there and listen to the berating of other women. Whether you want to or not. So here is my concern. What are these women saying behind my back? What have I done now? What kind of ammunition have I given them to fuel their fire? Keep in mind no one is safe. I am not sure why others look to me as someone who wants to listen to this mentally draining conversation. I am not one who gossips. I can’t stand it. To have to sit and listen to a very long monologue of some woman who has a problem with someone else is so draining, makes me very uncomfortable and just puts me into a bad mood.

So Bianca, what is your point you ask? Well dear swinger let me tell you. I have gushed about this in the past but I need to tell you again. Swinger ladies, I love you! As of yet, I have never encountered anyone who was less than amazing. You are all so nice and supportive. You are full of compliments and fun. I have never met such amazing women in my life. Recently Matt and I have somewhat cut people from our lives who are full of drama and are mean spirited. Life is just  too short for that crap. I am sure there are some Swinger ladies out there who can be rude or mean spirited, but I have yet to meet any of them. I think this just goes to show you that couples in the Lifestyle  are getting sex very regularly,  it’s fun, different and not boring at all so they are better people overall. Sex does make you happy.

Although I haven’t cut all of my Vanilla friends out of my life, sometimes you still need a little Vanilla! I do spend a lot less time with them then I used to. I will however spend more time with the Vanilla’s who are less likely to be mean. But it doesn’t get me completely away from the crap. I still deal with women on a daily basis within my professional life that though I wouldn’t call them friends as we work together, I still have to listen to the garbage they spew. Maybe I need to get a job where I can work exclusively with sexy swinger ladies. Hmmm maybe not, I’m not sure we would get any actual work done!


I guess the point of this blog is to say thank you ladies for being sexy, beautiful, kind and fun! Now let’s play!


What do you think?

Written by Matt and Bianca


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