I have nothing to wear!

I don’t’ know about you ladies, but I find the hardest part about going to an event is getting dressed. I spend the entire day obsessing over what to wear (because let’s face it, I never plan that far in advance). And sadly, Matt is usually no help at all to me. When I ask, he’ll say, “Uh that one dress.” I don’t think he cares about what I wear (because he loves everything I own) as long as I show plenty of cleavage! I do love to dress up and buy sexy clothes. Sometimes I get nervous about the outfit I choose and I wonder if the dress is too revealing! Matt always says that that’s impossible but still…

I do appreciate it when there is a theme but that doesn’t always help. Sometimes the themes are ones that I am not interested in or I just don’t own things that go with the theme. Recently we went to a party and when we RSVP’d there was a loose theme of red, white and blue. I tried on 3 different dresses and wound up in a red sparkly dress. I think the way around this stress of getting dressed is to do some more shopping! I need more clothes but don’t we all!

I love that I have two closets and a huge shelf area for shoes, and Matt is ok with this. He has actually said I need more shelves and closet space and you know what? I’m ok with that! My closets are filled with appropriate going out clothes and then there is the naughty closet. The fun one is filled with dresses that cannot be worn anywhere other then a Lifestyle party or vacation. Matt and I are going on the cruise in November (so very excited about that!) and I have already started my wishlist of evening wear and shoes!

The other day I bought a dress to wear around (in Vanilla world) and found it funny that Matt said “Huh, it’s a little conservative.” I know he would be fine with my bits and pieces hanging out at all times, but there are some people out there who frown upon that! Which is why I cannot wait to get naughty and naked on the cruise!

How do you choose what to wear when going to a party? Do you always wear an outfit that corresponds to the theme of the night? Ohhhh big question, (I could almost write another blog about this one!) how long does it take you to get ready and do you have any special things that you do to get ready maybe to help get you in the mood? I drink a martini while getting ready, always a good idea when curling your hair!


What do you think?

Written by Matt and Bianca


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