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Every day we get emails from people asking for advice about Vegas – the best places for swingers, where to go, where to stay, and more. So we thought we’d start a topic on it!

Swinger Clubs –

On-Premise: there is only 1 established club in town that doesn’t allow solo guys, and that’s Couples Oasis. They open select days mid-week as well as every weekend. The crowd here tends to arrive earlier than you’d expect (by 10:00pm), since it’s always a lot of locals who often have babysitter or work stuff, and they also play earlier! So the good news for visitors is that you can go party and play your sexy asses off, and still have plenty of time to go to a vanilla (yawn) club like XS or Marquee afterwards.

IMfilm is a new club (as of Feb 2012) – they converted a film studio into a swinger club and did a fantastic job with it (designed by same folks who did the Cosmo hotel). Small, so limited to around 15 couples, and only open 1 Saturday a month, but very sexy and couples-only (no solo guys).

The Green Door is our next pick, as we love the playrooms and it’s very close to the Strip (just off Sahara). However be forwarned that solo (we won’t say “single”) guys are heavily marketed to so there will always be hordes of non-lifestyle-protocol-aware guys in the hallways outside of the couples areas and crowding the rest of the club. If your girl is into a lot of guys then she’ll have a blast here. It’s clean, just off the Strip and the parking lot is very safe. The crowd here starts late, usually after midnight.

The Red Rooster is one of the most famous clubs in the world and is packed every weekend. They also allow in solo guys, so keep that in mind. And it’s a LONG way from the Strip, so either rent a car or prepare for an expensive taxi ride. They have an indoor pool, and a FANTASTIC food buffet that the owner cooks personally (they have a catering license, and it rocks). This place packs early, by 10:00pm there’s a big crowd, with lots of locals who have been loyal members for 20 years or more. And, of course, plenty of places to play.

There’s also the Fantasy Swingers Club, and we love the owner there; it’s right next to the Green Door, a bit smaller and a lot quieter but has a sexy vibe with fewer solo guys.

Off-Premise: there are LOTS of off-premise party promoters in Vegas, including DirtyRockstars, SpeakEasy, KissParty, Sinful Xpressions, Swingers Circle, VegasVIP, and more, so keep an eye on the Parties & Events page.

Off-Premise Party –

Swingers Circle deserves a special mention since they are hosting couples-only parties on Thursdays. They book a hotel suite on or near the Strip, start early (you aren’t allowed to arrive late), and it’s all about playing. Since they promote on a number of sites and don’t display their guestlist, it can be hit-or-miss as to whether you’ll fit in or not, but from our experience it’s absolutely worth the risk. They play a game that quickly gets everyone naked, and if you aren’t feeling the vibe with tonight’s group there are no hard feelings for sneaking out (nobody will even notice). So it’s worth the price of admission to see, and there’s a good chance you’ll have a blast.

Topless Swimming Pools –

Leave Rehab, Wet Republic, Tao and other popular non-toptional (girls gotta keep their tops on) pools to the hordes of young vanillas paying $100/pp entry, getting drunk on $20 cocktails and having their ears blasted by music so loud it’s impossible to have a conversation (but hey, they’re vanillas, so they aren’t talking to each other anyway).

Evolve, Swinging Saturdays at the Artisan pool (hosted by InCahoots) is THE only couples-only topless pool party in Vegas! We go every weekend we can, as it’s absolutely fantastic – great music, hot people, and you can get away with pretty much anything. They even have a play suite for everyone upstairs. And what about single guys who have a room at the hotel? They put ’em on a bus to the MGM and comp them into vanilla-land at Wet Republic, anything but allowing them into the Artisan Evolve party. OUR TOP PICK this summer!!!

Our other fav’s are these 3 “toptional” pools:

Euro-Deck at the Wynn (free, elegant),

Venus Pool at Caesar’s (not free, but still fun and very swinger friendly), and

Artisan Hotel Pool (extremely swinger friendly, usually other Kasidie members lounging poolside).

* Nude Pools are non-existent at the resorts as they aren’t allowed here. So we suggest either the pool at Couples Oasis or Red Rooster, or keep an eye out for the occasional pool parties at the Kasidie estate.

Hotels –

Strip: Currently the Cosmopolitan is the “it” place, and with good reason. The vibe there is sexy and the crowd is hot. But hip doesn’t come cheap. Other options depend upon budget – we’d suggest using PriceLine or HotWire (or whatever) to book any 5 or 4-star property on the Strip. 3-star’s can be hit-or-miss if you aren’t familiar with the venues (e.g. Treasure Island is great, Imperial Palace & Flamingo are dumps, Tropicana is recovering and 50% remodeled).

Off-Strip: There are several great places, but regardless what anyone tells you, you will need a car.Green Valley Ranch is beautiful, as is the M Resort. And Red Rocks is elegant and a locals fav.

Restaurants –

It’s Vegas, we have the best restaurants in the world and the only limitation is your budget. Things we’d recommend (on-strip) include…

Carnegie Deli at the Mirage for breakfast or lunch. Amazing

Tao at the Venetian, and it’s sibling Lavo at the Palazzo

Buffet at the Wynn, better than most restaurants, you won’t believe the quality of the food

Gelato from the Trevi at the Forum Shops (no need to sit in the restaurant, they have a gelato stand off to the far side)

La Cave at the Wynn, sit on the patio overlooking the pool and enjoy both the food and the view

There are literally thousands of restaurants, and everyone has their fav’s, so explore and have fun with it.

Clubs –

The clubs most people are going to at the moment are the Marquee at Cosmo and XS at Wynn/Encore. The after-hours club people hit is Drai’s (opens at 4:00am). NOTE, all clubs…and we do mean all…make their money selling “bottle service”. There are, absolutely, literally, no places to sit in a club unless you pay for the table, which will run you anywhere from $600 and up (way up) depending upon the day and the location of the table in the club.

Lounges –

Lounges are our personal preference, as we can meet up with people, have a conversation, and head to a hotel suite or houseparty. The sexiest lounges we like are the Gold Lounge at Aria (no cover before 10:00pm), Parasol Down (outside patio lakeside at the Wynn…our absolute favorite in town), and Chandalier Bar at the Cosmo (worth the trip, trust us).

Shows –

There are so many great shows here! We will ignore the great vanilla shows (Jersey Boys, Mystere, etc) and just give our thoughts on the more risque performances…

1. Zumanity – Nicoleta says for the girls to remember to bring an extra pair of panties, as you’ll get wet!

2. Absinthe – the new show at Caesars has you starting in the beer garden, then has open seating, and they encourage you to drink and text while they perform bawdy, profine and damn fucking funny skits with some acrobatic stuff. The irreverent anti-Cirque and Scott’s hands-down favorite.

3.. Fantasy – a standard from the Luxor that’s been playing for a long time and is actually fantastic. The girls are good looking, the dancing and acts are great and the comedian makes it all worth while.

Strip Clubs –

The little known truth about Las Vegas strip clubs is…well…they pretty much suck. You’d expect them to be wild and no-holds-barred a la New Orleans or Florida, but that sadly isn’t the case as the “no touching” rule is strictly enforced at the more popular clubs (some of the less popular clubs, though, do let you get away with literally anything, including paid-sex in the back rooms, or so we’ve heard…but you didn’t hear that from us). Some highlites (all are just our opinions, of course)…

1. Spearmint Rhino – the best club in town. Not because it’s the best venue; it’s okay, but it isn’t Hustler or even Treasures in terms of design quality. But THIS is where the hottest girls from all over the world fly in to work. End of discussion as far as we’re concerned.

2. Saphire – billed as the largest strip club in the world. Maybe it is, and they do pack in the crowds, but honestly the girls just aren’t that hot.

3. Palomino – in North Las Vegas, the original, and still the only club that is 100% nude AND serves alcohol. This is one of the places where you can pretty much get away with anything you’re willing to tip for.

4. Hustler – beautiful and amazing in design. Best to go when there is a party or special event, as that’s when the hotter girls show up to work.

5. Others – there are sooooooo many strip clubs in Vegas, so check out other review sites for more info. Some are fun for very specific reasons, such Treasures and it’s fantastic steak house. Just be forewarned, most of the clubs will have few girls dancing (and usually not very attractive ones at that…not what you’d expect in Vegas).

LOCAL’S TIP – READ THIS BEFORE GOING!!! In Vegas the strip clubs are required to “tip” the taxi or limo when they drop you off at the club; anywhere from $40 to $100 per person (yes, you read that right, per “person”, not per “vehicle”). So DO NOT grab a cab, nor accept the “free” ride from the limo the doorman at your hotel is more than eager to get for you. Instead, call the strip club and they will send a free limo to pick you up AND you’ll get free entry (they’ll bend over backwards to avoid paying the taxi/limo fees). You’ll still need to grab a taxi back to your hotel afterwards, but that’s fine as the club doesn’t have to pay for that.

People –

Vegas is Kasidie town, there are thousands of sexy couples and swingles on the site! So search, perv, and email people who look like fun!

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