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Don’t let the lock down get you down.

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How to stay connected when going out is not possible.

We are all going through some changes right now. Some of us are going into work as usual, some are working from home and for some, myself included, we have found ourselves out of work for the moment. It can be really easy to let the stress and consistently changing information get you down. Now, more than ever it is so important to stay connected to our friends.

Being on lock down is tough for us Lifestyle creatures. We like to go out, meet others, hug, kiss and hopefully that will lead to snuggling! So, we can’t go to a club, party or even on a date since all the bars have closed. What do you do to stay connected to your very good friends? How do you continue to be social when social distancing has become a new buzz word?

Swingers are very social creatures. At least to some degree. And putting a halt on socializing can be downright depressing for some of us. We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves, right? Matt and I were talking the other day that it is so weird not going to Club Sapphire on a Saturday night. I miss dressing up and dancing. With only your spouse (any maybe some children) to entertain you all day and all night, one can feel frustrated. We are all missing our friends and Lifestyle family. So I have put together a few ideas for you to give a try.

Watch porn with your partner! So you and the S.O. want to have sex, but you need a little more excitement. With a little imagination and hot foreplay you might find that you both can enjoy sex. If your imagination needs a little boost, try putting on some porn while you fuck. Look for an orgy, threesome or even just a hot couple you can pretend you are doing a soft swap with. You can also bring in a few props like sex toys or a life size sex doll in whatever gender you both prefer and spice up your sexual life.

Fuck your friends while on the phone or video call. Put your phone on speaker, have your friends do the same and go nuts! Set up a space where you can have some fun. Call your friends (maybe warn them first! You don’t want them to be surprised while still in the middle of a family dinner!) talk for a little while, think foreplay. Then have sex with your partner while they have sex with their partner. Listening to them on speakerphone could be a real turn on and help you to imagine you are enjoying a soft swap with your friends. This experience could even bring the four of you closer so that when we are allowed to share the same space (and bed!) you may have an even more magical time because you have bonded over this really difficult time.

Send a sexy video to your friends. Obviously you want to do this only with friends you know well and trust. Take a video of you and your partner having sex and send this porn to your friends. You can even have them send you one and then you can all watch the videos together on video phone. Who knows where all this sexiness will lead!

Buy some sexy lingerie and have a fashion show live with your friends. Take turns showing off your new sexy outfit and then enjoy a cocktail and chat with your friends as if you were on a date at a club or a house party. If you have friends you know really well, or friends you don’t know well and want to know better, send them lingerie and have them send you some. Then open it together and wear it during the remainder of your conversation. You could even set up a theme for the lingerie switch. And when I say lingerie I don’t mean the men shouldn’t be involved. Maybe this is a great opportunity to stock up your man on some new sexy (or even silly) underwear. Or maybe you invest in some super soft silk boxers!

Plan an online date with a couple, they can be someone new or someone you just want to get to know better. Make it fun by enjoying a meal together. You could even start it with cooking your meals together via video chat, then move on to enjoying it. Or, if you are concerned about limiting time or needing an out, maybe you can enjoy a cocktail together. You could come up with a fun special recipe (like a Quarantini) and have a few cocktails while you all get to know each other.

This is not the time to get down about not being able to meet up with your friends and making new ones. This is the time to get creative and start chatting with new couples. Then when the clubs open and house parties start back up you have a bunch of new friends to play with! Imagine how fun it could be all the foreplay you will have now, then when you actually do get to fuck, it could be really amazing!

Hugs and Kisses,
Bianca XOXO


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Written by Matt and Bianca


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