Hedonism II Review… don’t believe everything you hear!

I know, I know, you’ve heard mixed reviews from someone whose friend of their cousin’s dog sitters hairdresser went to Hedo 10 years ago. I get it. We thought that once too. Who can you trust to give you an honest review of Hedo? Yourselves! You won’t know until you experience it for yourself, but, if you know us and how we operate, if you’re a couple that’s not needy or snobby or judgemental, then read on. (If you want to experience it, Hedo Love Fest it the week to do it! Click HERE to check it out!)

This is purely a synopsis of our opinion of Hedo. You’ve heard the rumours and mixed reviews, we answer the biggies!

Rumour: There are creepy single guys preying on the ladies…

Our Opinion: Did not experience this at all. I think over the course of the week we had two or three single guys come and talk to us but that was it. Talk! Not gropey or creepy, just coming over and asking the question. Totally respectful.

Rumour: Rooms are shabby.

Our Opinion: The renovated rooms are very cool and the unrenovated rooms are fine too. The mirrored ceilings are super sexy and are great to watch yourself in action. The room’s size was good and it was clean and comfortable with great air conditioning. We love being out amongst the action and only use the room for a few hours sleep at night, to get dressed for dinner and maybe a disco nap in the afternoon.


Rumour: Food is ordinary.

Our Opinion: The restaurants offer loads of variety and it is very easy to get a table. There were a number of Hibachi grills so we never had to wait long. The buffet was varied and delicious each day and Pastafarian, the other restaurant, had great quality meals. If you wanted something quick, there were a couple of grills where you could also grab something.

They put on a feast on the beach with tables and a band for entertainment and also a great feast up on the pool deck on another night. A logistical nightmare for the staff I’m sure, but so nice to dine under the stars with the sea breeze.

Rumour: The security and customs lines in Jamaica are ridiculously long.

Our Opinion: It depends what time you arrive, like everywhere! We arrived early in the day and had no queue and we departed at 10am and once again, no queues. Middle of the day or afternoon are peak times and for that I highly recommend Club Mobay. It gets you fast tracked through everything! They also have a lounge which is great to relax in pre-flight. It was really handy considering our flight was delayed 3 hours leaving Jamaica.

Rumour: The drive takes hours and on a windy road.

Our Opinion: We experienced two types of travel to the resort. Because we were coming from Australia and it’s such a long way, we chose to take a light aircraft from Montego Bay airport to Negril. Best decision ever! We were met in the arrivals hall at the counter and taken on a short walk to the charter area. It was all so very easy. We then walk out onto the tarmac to find our aircraft taxiing in. A Cessna 206 so there was no problem with bags or aircraft weight.

16 minutes later we were we flying over Hedo and landing. A 2 minute drive later, we were at Hedo. So, not only did we arrive in time for breakfast after catching the red-eye from LAX, we saw the beautiful blue water and white sand beaches of Jamaica from above.

After our week at Hedo, we had a 10am flight from Montego Bay and chose a private car back to the airport. We were picked up at 7am which and were at the airport by 8am. No traffic (apart from a few goats) and no lines at check in or security. Prices vary for drivers but you’ll pay around $80 return. Some people choose the bus and they like it because you have a couple of hours to get to know your fellow Hedonists for the week. They do stop for booze and ‘stuff’ and obviously, a bus is slower than car, but it is the cheapest option to the resort, around $50pp return.

Highlights for us:

Open air playroom. One of the best playrooms we’ve seen. It had a number of different rooms, one with an open shower, St. Andrews cross and all sorts of other fun stuff.

The piano bar. A great place to hang out in the evening.

The private beach. No gawkers could walk along the beach so it was completely private.

The theme nights, a lot of fun and the evening entertainment is fantastic. Different every night and some really sexy and exciting shows.

The crowd, varied from week to week but all super friendly, non-pretentious, chilled and fun. You can dress up or dress down at night and no one judges. You won’t be turned away for wearing shorts to dinner, and lets face it, it’s hot and I feel sorry for guys having to wear long pants out at night. There’s a time and place to dress nicely and we generally always do, but it’s also nice on vacation to be able to just be a little more relaxed.

The entertainment. First rate, sexy, varied, erotic and a lot of fun. Comfortable surroundings to watch the show too! More than enough seating, a great stage so you could see everything and a sunken dance floor to carve up!


Things you may not like:

The size of the resort may not be to everyone’s liking. We loved it and more people means more people to connect with. There’s always a party going on somewhere. The most social room to get is an ocean front Jacuzzi room on the nude side. There’s a lot of foot traffic traveling past them during the day, and everyone always stops for a chat.

We had such an incredible time there in February and met so many wonderful people. The entertainment was great, the food was delicious and varied and the piano bar was one of our favorite places to hang of a night time. The playroom was one of the best we have seen and being able to gaze up into the sky and see the stars reflecting on the amazing playtime that was just had was a perfect way to end the day.

The multiple pools and jacuzzis meant that however you were feeling, you had somewhere to go. Whether you wanted to be in amongst the action at the nude pool, steal some quiet time hidden in the grotto or find one of the other smaller pools nested in the palm trees and chill on a day bed, there was really something for every mood.

Half of the resort rooms have been renovated and they are very cool. But even the unrenovated rooms were comfortable, clean and spacious. If you’re like us and don’t spend much time in the room, it doesn’t really matter what it’s like.

Feel free to email us to ask specific questions. We just tackled the most common that we’ve heard above. If you want to experience Hedo for yourself, make sure you check out Hedo Love Fest, November 11-18, 2017 where we will be hosting on behalf of Dream Pleasure Tours and Castaways Travel. Click HERE to book now!


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