How can I taste better?

OK so, Matt and I were at a party recently and someone was handing out Papaya Enzyme pills, telling everyone that it makes men and women’s cum taste sweeter. For any of you readers who know me or listen to our podcasts, you know that I am not a swallower. So as I sat there listening to this person sing the praises of Papaya Enzyme, my thought was, you can keep your bitter cum and it won’t bother me a bit! But on the other hand, if it makes me taste sweeter and that makes you go down on me more, maybe it is something worth looking into!

So I delved into the world wide web of information and though I couldn’t find a damn thing about Papaya enzyme making cum taste sweeter, I did find a few other helpful do’s and don’ts.

Do’s include eating more fruits, think sweet. Drinking apple or pineapple juice a few hours before sex is helpful. But there is no need to go crazy. We have some friends who tell the tale of the Fire Cum. Her husband drank pineapple juice constantly and it turned his cum into lava in her mouth!

There are a lot more don’ts (aren’t there always?), things that can foul the taste of your cum. Stay away from are cigarettes and weed. Food items include excess amounts of red meat. Apparently vegetarians have sweeter juices. Coffee and alcohol can make you taste bitter, two of my favorites there. Dairy, deep fried foods and the dreaded asparagus. I guess if you don’t want to detox your body of these items you can hand your partner a mint before their face is planted in your genitals. “Oh, you want to go down on me? Sure I’d love that, but just so you know I had a cup of coffee with creamer this morning, some vodka about five minutes ago and a lunch of steak with a side of deeply fried asparagus. Oh, and here is a mint in hopes that it masks the taste. Sorry.”

Ok guys, now here’s where it gets tricky; Urologists say that sperm is made up of specific components necessary to support the system. In other words, they say you can’t change the taste of your semen. Your body makes it out of 96% water (which is why you have to hydrate) There are also these other very important components: Sperm, fructose which nourishes sperm, vitamin C which helps keep sperm healthy, sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline compound that protects sperm from the slightly acid environment of the vagina, various proteins and enzymes, as well as several minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium–and zinc, which gives semen that odd, metallic taste.

So which is right? Can we change the way we taste? I say we conduct an experiment. Try some sperm and give a vagina a lick or two as well, the ladies should not be left out of this at all! Go about your normal diet. Write down how your partner tastes. Then take a day or two of adding more apple or pineapple (yuck!) to your diet, less vodka and coffee (I’m dying here!) and see if there is a difference. Whether there is a change or not at least you got some oral! You’re welcome.

Now get out there and go down on someone! Don’t forget to come back and tell me your findings in the comments below. There will be an oral exam.

– Bianca


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Written by Matt and Bianca


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  1. I see this is 8 years old and no one commented… hummm. Smell and taste are very high on my list. I have found Cucumbers to be perfect. They are very low in carbs, a whole cucumber has about 11 cards. Anyone watching their blood sugar can achieve that nice smell and taste without worrying about eating too much sugar from fruit.

    Since Cucumbers are also high in water it helps get you hydrated. The result is a nice crisp pleasant taste and everything smells fresh and clean. I include Cucumbers daily in my diet. Having tasted myself… I promise, you gonna like it!

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