Guide to Eating Out – Giving Your Girl Better Oral Sex

This is your top guide to better cunnilingus. Nothing will drive your woman crazier than cunnilingus performed with skill and purpose. If you want to rev her up and leave her begging for more, try these can’t-miss techniques.

Start with your hands.

Before you jump into cunnilingus, you need to fully arouse your partner. Stroke the rest of her body, including her inner thighs and outer vaginal lips, but don’t go inside the vaginal lips just yet. Squeeze her breasts how she likes and lick them softly, paying close attention to the area around the nipples—a major erogenous zone.

Check to see if she’s ready.

Run your fingers softly along the edge of her vaginal lips. If you feel moisture, then you know she’s aroused. Gently rub the area up and down, going inside just a little more each time. For now, come close to the clitoris, but don’t touch it.

Get in there.

Once she starts breathing heavier and is fully aroused, now you’re ready for cunnilingus. At first, do the same with your lips and tongue that you did with your hands. Your partner will be more aroused if you take a little break from direct contact. Kiss and massage all around her inner thighs and outer vaginal lips. Slowly move your tongue to the inside lips, but don’t make contact with the clitoris. Instead, move all around it. This will drive her crazy.

Keep it interesting.

Move your tongue gently over the clitoris in a slow, deliberate manner, but don’t camp there. Tease it a little and then lick all around it before going back. Keep your tongue soft and pay close attention to your partner’s reactions. For now, keep the movements slow and steady, but change up the direction. You can move in circles, up and down or back and forth. Switch it up every 30 seconds or so.

Increase speed and motion.

As your partner’s arousal heightens, start increasing the speed and variety of motion gradually. The faster you go, the more stimulated she’ll become, but you shouldn’t go full speed right away. It can be tempting to stop switching up the motion as you move faster, but you’re not quite there yet. Continue to move in different directions and make your tongue just a bit harder.

Bring it home.

When your partner is very close to reaching climax, spread her legs even further apart and flick your hard tongue very fast directly across the clitoris. You can do this side to side, up and down or both. The movements should be short and quick and as fast as you can go. Her orgasm will be much more intense when using this technique during cunnilingus. It’s important to remember that not all women enjoy direct contact with their clitoris. In fact, for some women, it can be painful. Pay close attention to your partner’s signals to make sure you’re giving her ultimate pleasure. If she doesn’t enjoy direct contact, you can use all the same techniques around the clitoris, instead of on it.

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