Top 10 Tricks for His Best Oral Sex Ever

Whether you’ve performed oral sex on him once or dozens of times, you’ve never done it like this! After graduating from Oral Sex 101, it’s time to amp up your original moves by trying any (or all) of the following twists.

Get Lewd with Food

Watching a woman lick his penis is just about every guy’s idea of heaven. Watching a woman lick cream/honey/yogurt off his penis sends him to sexual nirvana. Smear it, drip it on and lick it off ‑- food is such a versatile sex toy that the possibilities are endless. Whipped cream? Been there. Go all out with raspberry syrup, mangoes, berries and chocolate sauce ‑- all at once if you fancy it! Most foods (with the exception of spicy ones) are safe to smear on the outside of the genitals, but be a little careful with oily foods if you’re using condoms, since oil breaks down latex.

Do It Somewhere Daring

Getting oral sex while driving fast along a highway in a convertible (car: red, girl: blonde) is a typical teenage boy’s fantasy. But when you’re younger, you tend not to think things like “If he’s having an orgasm, he’s not exactly paying attention to driving” or “This could be fun but could also kill us.” Therefore, a lesser ‑- but no less appealing ‑- version of this is to casually reach across the car, unzip and expose him, then dispense a leisurely hand job that keeps him standing at attention but doesn’t bring him to climax. Shift to using your mouth when you arrive at your destination. Other places to go down on him that are daring but a little less so: in the bathroom at a party, on a balcony with his top half in view but you hidden, and up against the front door inside your apartment when he was previously on his way out the door to work.

Lick It Like It’s a Lollipop

This one is often used in porn films, because it allows him to see exactly what’s going on. It’s best done on your knees, and depending on your heights he might need to stand on something (you need direct access to his testicles). Start by lifting his penis to expose his testicles, then find the line that runs up between them (it’s a tiny ridge that’s often a darker color). Find where this starts on the underside of his testicles, and that’s where the long lick starts ‑- continuing, very slowly, right to the tip of his penis. Repeat the full-length licks until you’ve done at least 10, then move into one of the other techniques.

Go All the Way

Begin the oral sex by covering your teeth with your lips and then taking as much of him in your mouth as you can ‑- in one wonderful movement. I’m not saying you have to “deep throat.” Just let him see his penis disappear rapidly. Most women start by licking the head, then take him little by little inside. He won’t be expecting a full-length shaft swallow right away ‑- which is why it works so well to impress him!

Fisting for Nice Girls

Use one hand to hold the base of the penis, and let saliva pool in your mouth (your tongue needs to keep him nice and slippery). Make a loose fist with your other hand and slide it up and down his penis, closing it when you reach the head. Get the hand motion right first, then add your mouth, letting your hand act as an extension of it. Create a snug vacuum (but don’t suck), then slide up and down, your hand following your mouth. If you’re not the most coordinated person, hold your hand still at the base of the penis and simply move your mouth up and down.

Add Oomph

Spice up any oral technique by adding the “twist and swirl.” The combination of firm fingers and a soft tongue feels fantastic, and it’s easy to master: As you’re using your hand to masturbate him, twist it slightly once it reaches the head. At the same time, swirl the flat of your tongue around the rim of the head. It’s a simple but oh-so-effective move! Also try frenulum flicks: Use a tensed tongue to flick it, or make like a butterfly and “flutter” your tongue on his frenulum.

Star in His Favorite Porn

Love it or hate it, one of the reasons why men are so fond of pornography is that it’s so overexaggerated. Add erotic flair to your repertoire by kissing him while you’re both standing up, then dropping to your knees rather dramatically. Use one hand to guide his penis into your mouth, then ‑- maintaining intense eye contact throughout ‑- reach up with both hands to tweak his nipples. The “Look, Mum, no hands!” pose looks far more accomplished than it is, but it will score you big oral sex brownie points. If you want to rate off the scale, follow it up with this next little number.

Back Him Up

As he’s getting undressed, lie on the bed with your head where your feet usually go, rather than perched on the pillows. As he walks toward the bed, slide down so your head is hanging over the bed, grab his buttock cheeks and take his penis into your mouth. Your head should be off the bed as you give him oral sex upside down. He’s ultimately in control of the thrusting, but you can use your hands as a guide to speed him up or slow him down. Not only does this look sexy, but it also opens your throat wide so you can take in more of him without gagging.

Ball Games

The greatest compliment you can give him is looking like you want to be down in that area. And one of the best ways to demonstrate this is to explore all of it. Take one or both testicles in your mouth, hum lightly, suck gently and swirl your tongue around them. (Note: If you don’t want to swallow when he ejaculates, switching to testicle stimulation while continuing to stimulate him with your hand is a good alternative.) Also, lick his perineum (between his testicles and anus), and while you’re down there…

Give Him “Analingus”

Oral anal stimulation that involves licking, flicking or inserting a stiff tongue into the anal passage and thrusting feels great (for both sexes, actually), because the area is highly sensitive and loaded with nerve endings. If you’re worried about germs or STDs, or if you’re generally squeamish, put a barrier between the area and you, such as a piece of plastic wrap or a cut-open condom. Lots of guys love this, but many are too shy to tell you. So pretending it’s your favorite thing to do (even if it isn’t) takes care of that without awkwardness: If you like doing it, well, he has to indulge you, doesn’t he?

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